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Professional Grooming at Bark 'N Bubbles
A well bathed pet is a happier, healthier pet!
Treat your dog to something special - a blueberry facial!


Free Bandana with every wash!

Meet Our Professional Groomer!

Jessica Johnston, NDGAA Certified
11+ Years professional grooming experience with all breeds

Tuesday thru Saturday
Please call 703.777.6269 to schedule an appointment

Grooming Available at Bark 'N Bubbles

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Think grooming only makes your dog look good? Not so! One of the most important things you can do to maintain your dog's health is to make sure he or she stays well groomed. Regular grooming will ensure that potential problems like parasites and skin conditions are prevented and dealt with swiftly.

Having a healthy coat benefits your dog in so many ways. By maintaining good grooming habits, you are doing far more than just showing off your dog's beautiful fur. You are also giving your dog the gift of good health.

Jessica Johnston